Readmission After Exclusion

I was excluded. How do I get readmitted?

Twelve months or more from the date of your exclusion you can apply to your Faculty to be readmitted using the Return to Study (RI) form. You also need to attach a personal statement and documentation to support your case.

In your personal statement you must be able to show that what caused you to underperform academically has been resolved. In your original application if you spoke about your ill health, prove to them that you’re well again (or better) by showing GP’s letters. If it was a relationship breakdown, prove you’ve moved past it with letters from a counsellor. Give as much documentation as you can to support your statements.

You also need to show that you have spent your year productively. The Committee would like to see that you’ve worked in the field of your study. Otherwise, that you went to TAFE and successfully passed units. Among other things, doing this shows that you have what it takes to study at university.

Your application needs to be handed in to the Student Centre. You can find the closing date on the Student Gateway.

How we can help.

Even though you're not an enrolled student, the Guild's Student Rights Hub would love to help you with your application. We can assist you with writing it so that you get the best outcome.